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By Christi R. Suzanne

Lana Bong's Shanghai Market (WIP)

Image by Rebecca Stanek in Flikr Creative Commons.

Madelena Montgomery, Madds for short, is a conservation guide with a rotten attitude, and an eviction notice in hand. Even worse, she has massive debt and anonymous threats to deal with after her biologist father’s sudden death. She has four days to sift through his things and find herself a new apartment. While doing so, she discovers a letter from an estate planner urging her to call him about her sea-life obsessed father's unfinished research. 


In order to fulfill her father’s last wishes, Madds must wade through his shady research deals, including one that involves a partnership with a rare delicacies restaurateur. With the help of her friend J, an aging punk-rocker with a mild case of kleptomania, Madds must confront her fears of intimacy and abandonment as she navigates through her father’s private life. When his “business partners” come after her, she learns that he was on the brink of eradicating cancer with one last test. Lives are at stake and hinge on an organ from a rare and elusive fish, the Pink Puff.  Madds must decide whether to endanger the fish for the cure-all and humanity or dig deeper and take a more complicated route. In the end, she cannot refuse the challenge, no matter how dangerous it is.

Lana Bong's Shanghai Market is a 78,000 word literary novel with a speculative twist. Fans of Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder and fans of Jacques Cousteau will enjoy reading this.

Mort Addendum

By Christi R. Suzanne

Image by T0kkie Pokie in Flikr Creative Commons.


MORT ADDENDUM is an 85,000 word novel with speculative elements. 


While browsing an estate sale with his friend Edith, obsessive collector, Henry Davis, thinks he’s found his new collection, vintage Kool-Aid packets. He gets into a one-sided bidding war over a cherry-flavored packet where a strange gentleman named Xavier (X) keeps upping the ante. However, Henry won’t be moved and takes home the packet. Then, things get creepy when X begins stalking him. To spite him, Henry drinks the Kool-Aid. Big mistake. The stalking doesn’t stop and X reveals that he's in the assisted dying business, and the packet contained time-altered flavor crystals that ended the misery of his previous client. Henry has one week left to live.


X has an antidote, but to earn it, Henry must become his apprentice — a move that challenges his beliefs about quality of life. After a crash course in how to run the business, X turns up dead and Henry discovers he has other, less savory business partners after him. They want the secret to growing more flavor crystals. With Edith now involved, the pair are soon caught in a web of extortion, kidnapping and the kill-for-hire business. They must re-examine how they relate to death, how it impacts the way they choose to live, and whether they want any part of the assisted dying business.


A mystery, a fantasy, and a story of self-discovery, MORT ADDENDUM is about friendship, survival, second chances and the true meaning of life and death.  



My short story, Hiding in Dirt, was included in the Miles To Go . . . Spring 2014 Anthology, Promises to Keep Vol. 2.


Order your copy now

My flash fiction story, Mitten was chosen to be in this anthology. You can buy a print copy or a digital copy here or find it in the Crack the Spine website here. This was my second piece of fiction to be published and my frist flash fiction piece to be published.

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