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Entering Writing Contests


Chapter cards as a result of entering #RevPit

I thought I’d share a little quick insight into why I like entering writing contests like #RevPit and Pitch Wars. Right now #RevPit is winding down and narrowing in on each editor’s picks. Each editor will work with just one writer to hone their full manuscript and query letter so it is ready for querying out in the world! Truth be told, I don’t enter these contests because I think I will get chosen. Sounds weird, right? Don’t get me wrong, if I WERE chosen . . . that would be AWESOME!

I’ll explain. I’ve been told by various editors and agents that a lot of these types of contests are geared toward specific genres. Mine isn’t really one of them (literary speculative fiction or upmarket with speculative elements). I’m okay with that because you never know! Anyway, the real reason I enter these contests is to meet new people and hone my craft. I generally find that I can get a free critique of my query or first 10 pages or so just be being aware that these contests exist. I would have never heard of a really fun opportunity through ManuFixed. I entered a contest they were running and while I didn’t get picked for their initial contest I did get a free 10-page ms critique! It was super helpful. ANWAY, I think it’s totally worth it to enter these contests. Sometimes you get free stuff and it makes you really stop and think about your writing and how you want to go about revisions to make it better.

ALSO! I wanted to mention that my NEW BLOG SERIES starts next week! Q and A with Aspiring Authors. The very first one will be up next Thursday with crime author, Beth Green, so come back and check it out.

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