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Integrated Wordpress blog to my Website!

I did it! I finally took a moment to see what was new on my Wix backend and found a way to include my Worpress blog posts right here! Feel free to comment through my website. I love this feature because now people who come (it does happen) to my website will see my blog a bit more easily. There is some housekeeping I'll have to finish on the Wordpress site as far as how my posts display (there is some weirdness on some of the displays the farther down you scroll!).

Okay, that's it for this post. Stay tuned for a much more interesting post tomorrow... there's a poll! #bloggingwriter #writer #wordpress #fiction #writerslife

Dog annoyed and waiting to go for a walk.
I love this old picture of my dog waiting for me to finish my writing for the day. It was time for a walk!

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